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  • The first thing that will happen before listing is a Market Analysis of the property. We will then set a price, and fill out the listing documents.
  • The next things that will happen is a sign will be placed outside the home, so people passing by will know the house is for sale. If you prefer, an electronic lockbox will be placed on the property. This will allow licensed realtors to access your property by using the Supra Lockbox app on their phone.  They must be a participating agent or inspector to have access to the lockbox. This program allows us to track which agents viewed the property and for how long.
  • You will receive copies of the signed listing documents and useful ideas for staging your property and information on showings tips.
  • I will schedule a broker tour of the home. Agents will 'tour' the home and give their opinion of value. This is also a great way for the agents to see the property in person and determine if it is right for any of their buyers.
  • Pictures will be taken of the home. These pictures will be used for advertisements in the Bangor Daily News, The Real Estate Book, the ERA Real Estate News, on the ERA Dawson Bradford website, on, and in the flyers I make to advertise for open houses and such. A visual tour will also be done and uploaded online.
  • The house will be placed on shortly after the listing date. This is an excellent website prospective buyers and agents use to find information about a home. The website gives people the opportunity to see a virtual tour of the home; and to email me directly to find out more information or to set up a showing.
  • Postcards advertising your home will be sent out to target areas notifying them of the new listing.
  • Every 30 days you will receive detailed reports from, and the real estate book, which will display the number of hits your home has received on these website.
  • Within the first month after listing, an open house is held. Open houses are typically held on a Saturday or Sunday for an hour or two in the afternoon. This is advertised in the newspaper and in flyers beforehand. This flyer is sent out to the area real estate agencies and to all the ERA agents in this office. This will bring in many prospective buyers to the home. Following the open house, all who attended will receive a thank you letter, and more information if they so requested. You will also receive a letter or a phone call to let you know about the turn-out and any comments from the open house.